Contractor Management Services

Contractor Management Services

Our Contractor Management service is a feature of our comprehensive outsourced solutions. The scope of service can be provided to either an individual contractor or a full transition of an existing workforce from your payroll to ours. As the employer / principal contractor, Hallis largely assumes responsibility for the contractor.  This responsibility generally includes; superannuation, taxation, insurance and relevant award and industrial agreements. This service is supported by strong account management and agreed service levels specific to your business requirements.

The benefits of engaging Contractor Management services include:

  • Removal of a contingent liability from your balance sheet
  • A reduction of operating costs through scale and efficiency
  • Improved management focus on strategic issues
  • Improved levels of service and quality

When managing the workforce, Hallis is broadly accountable for the following employer/principal contractor obligations:

  • On-boarding through to off-boarding
  • Salary and remuneration administration
  • Work Health and Safety requirements
  • Provision of online timesheet tool
  • Facilitation of background and identity checking process
  • Obtaining proof of eligibility to work in Australia
  • Conducting reference checking process
  • Records management

We use a world class Cloud Based Payroll Solution

A key benefit of  the cloud based Payroll  platform is that it  provides the technology to manage all of Hallis’ back office processes, including employee on-boarding, ongoing workforce management (timesheets, leave and expenses), pay interpretation, payroll and invoicing.   The system will streamline your processes and provide you with the platform to scale and grow your workforce.    

Effecitve Risk Management

The benefits also include: 

  • High level of automation with streamlined processes
  • Secure and robust technolgy
  • Seamless interfaces
  • Effective means of communication
  • Effective management of corporate governance and compliance
  • Highly scalable – allowing for significant and swift movement in employee numbers