About Us

About Us

Hallis has offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and delivers services across Australia, both directly and together with strategic partners. Hallis has worked with many companies to build towards their success. By helping shape the strategic direction of human resources within organisations, Hallis has added value, increased productivity, and ultimately provided a greater return for all stakeholders.

Our Vision and Values

Our vision is to be regarded as a leader in the delivery of recruitment and workforce management solutions by building partnerships and delivering service excellence to our customers, employees and wider community. 

Our values are Integrity, Partnership, Responsibility & Teamwork.

These values define who we are and our core beliefs. They govern our decisions, actions and behaviours. They define how we work with our customers, colleagues and community.

Hallis is a leader in the provision of managed services and human resources. Our up-to-date approach meets the challenges faced by businesses in a dynamic economy and rapidly evolving technology landscape. It is our commitment to service delivery that ensures satisfaction and results.

Hallis brings over 30 years of Australian networks, customers, and genuine long-term relationships founded on a true spirit of partnership. At Hallis, we take the time to customise our solutions by utilising best practice methodology together with a commercial approach and robust technology.